“Only the truth shall set you free!”
Don”t Get your Head Blown Off!
By Ponthep Werachon

“You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free”, a quotation from the Bible which is always timely in Pattaya. This word of wisdom is parallel with the saying of Lord Buddha “One who acts on truth is happy in this world and beyond”.

Even the advents of these two prophets far from each other 543 years, but both still enlighten us the axiom of “Truth” which is indispensable for our lives. But up until now, nobody can find any scientific tool to ascertain the “Truth”. Only your pure mind with wisdom will enable you to differentiate between “Truth” and “Liar”. Even a “Lie Detector” with a modern forensic technology is not acceptable in a court of law.

In this article, we will guide you to differentiate between the “Truth” and “Liar” without a lie detector.

If a young girl whispers passionately to you “Papa, you are the most sexy guy I ever met”, we will not ask you if it is true or not. You should know by your heart.

The above example is not a serious situation if you are not blind by love. The problem will be once you believe her and decide to buy a land and house in Pattaya. The question will be “to whom you will ask a question to get a right answer”.

–          Your girl friend
–          Your friend
–          A real estate broker
–          A developer
–          A lawyer

The following story may give some ideas :-

Seventy years ago in a small Arizona town, a bandido entered the bank, placed his saddlebag on the counter, raised his gun, and demanded that his bag filled with gold. The teller obliged and the bandido raced his horse, leaped upon his trusty steed, and headed south to Mexico.

The sheriff formed a posse and headed after the bandido, catching him just before the border. But somehow during the chase the bandido had had time to hide the gold and so he did not have it with him when apprehended.

Once they had him, they discovered that he did not speak English, and no one in the posse including the Sheriff, spoke Spanish. A member of the posse was sent to town to find a translator. He returned two hours later with a local resident name Pedro.

“Ask him where the gold is!” The sheriff demanded of Pedro.
“Senor, done esta el oro”” Pedro demanded from the bandido.
“No,” the bandido responded. Pedro told the sheriff in broken English, “He does not know senor.”

The sheriff then pointed his shotgun at the bandido and told Pedro, “tell him to confess where the gold is or I”ll blow his head off!”

Pedro rapidly translated in Spanish the sheriff”s demand to the confident bandido.

Suddenly the confidence of the bandido became weaken and he blurted, “El oro esta en el pozo!” (“The gold is in the well!”)

Pedro then turned to the sheriff, and with a smile interpreted, “Senor Sheriff, the bandido says go ahead and shoot”.

This story tells us that you cannot expect a right answer from a person having an interest in the transaction. As we always say “No man can serve two masters!” If he thinks about his interest, he will not think about yours, like the translator who wanted gold for only himself.

The problem for Pattaya is a “Conflict of Interest”. Most people cast stones to others just to protect their interests “Money” is a god they worship. They just prey “Mammon, Mammon, My Lord” the whole day. They will never care even the money comes from your perdition.

The balance of interest should be based on the separation of duties. If you want to buy a land, you have to deal with a real estate broker whose duty is to introduce an owner or developer to you. The broker should not comprehensively arrange for you a lawyer, appraiser, surveyor, escrow agent, engineering consultant, etc. These persons should do their duties independently not only want to share the gold and fail to do their professional roles.

If a lawyer who represents you to deal with the developer clandestinely asks the commission fees from a real estate broker, he will definitely want you to be optimistic to close the deal even you will be in jeopardy to buy that property.

In this situation, you may mistakenly buy the problematic land under the plan of expropriation under the “Eminent Domain” if your lawyer intentionally fails to tell you.

“In Pattaya, you are like a sheep in the midst of the hungry wolves. You should be wise like serpents but harmless like doves”.

Use your wisdom to find out the “Truth” which shall set you free from any dilemmas in this City.