“A hard talk with a hard core lawyer who stands up against the unscrupulous border police involved with the conspiracy of extortion and kidnappings”

Is there any place in our planet where the light of justice will never shine” The answer to this question will be definitely different as per the individual perception. Most people enjoy a carefree mentality by saying “It is not my problem”.

We have the stories of two lawyers who could not remain silent to any injustice in this world. Why did they think in a lateral way” Why do they not just wake up everyday and start working like they do in the other days” How do they change the world to be a better place for all of us”

“I don’t believe that there is a vacuum of justice in this world” said the maverick lawyer who fought for detainees in the U.S. concentration camp at Guantanamo bay. It was the reason why he sued the U.S. government to abolish this illegal detention without the due process of law.

Some people died and became the inspiration for other people fighting against the injustice. For Kwanchai Chotiphan, he is just a Thai lawyer who wakes up everyday to work for his family. His legal profession as an “advocate 4 justice” has been started since he received his law degree from the hands of his Majesty the King in 1981. He always tells his friends that the heritage for his two children is education and morality. You can be a good happy lawyer under the doctrine of “Sufficiency Economy” of his Majesty who shows us to find out the “happiness” with the magic word “enough”.

He started telling us the story “I was asked by a lady on February 9, 2007 to help her sister who was famed by the narcotic suppression police”
“My sister is innocent” the lady cried once she told Kwanchai about her unfortunate sister. Kwanchai did not really believe in what she said as most criminals always plead their innocence until proving guilty. However, he agreed to visit the arrested lady who was detained at the Detention Center of the Anti Narcotics Police Office.

Narcotic drug cases are under the special policy for the law enforcement which creates problems from the arbitrary implementation of the “Fast Tract Modus Operandi” which sometimes becomes “Non Judicial”. Many people died once the government declared the draconian war against drug.

The misconception from the controversial say of our former prime minister that a lawyer is the one who helps the wrongdoer becomes paradoxical once he afterwards retained a team of lawyers to fight against the junta. Nobody should be prosecuted without advocacy in the due process of law. “I did not really want to do this case” Kwanchai told us his feeling like many lawyers who did not want to get involved with the sensitive case.

His feeling was dramatically changed once he saw his client in the Detention Center. “Icould not imagine that human being would be in such a condition like her. It was really pitiful. She was two-month pregnant” With the investigation he made with her, she was famed by the border police who came to Bangkok to arrest and extort her for money. She was tortured and forced to plead guilty for the drug they put in her bag. Once she denied giving them money, she was prosecuted with the serious case in the Criminal Court.

“In the USA and many other European countries, the police will have to conduct the whole justice process in compliance with the laws.

If there is any irregularity in any stage of the process, the case will be illegal and invalidated whereby the police will have to drop the case” said Kwanchai who was also the counselor of the House of Senators. However, in Thailand, the law enforcement officers can enjoy more tolerance of the laws than other countries.

It was the strategy of OJ Simpson’s team of lawyers who tried to discredit the team of police officers who abused their client. Kwanchai used the same strategy to prove that the team of border police abused her by the hope that the justice must be done in favor of his client.

If his client is acquitted, Kwanchai will turn himself to become the King of Torts to sue the National Police Office for compensation under the new law that the state will have to remedy the victim of unfair treatment of the criminal case. There is good news that the National Police Office responds very satisfactorily to all unfortunate victims.

If you want to read more about this story, please search the name “Kwanchai Chotipahn” in www.google.co.th You will be aware that his name becomes the key word for”advocate 4- justice” who is still alive in the greedy world of consumerism.

“Let justice be done though the heaven fall”