Under the Regulation No. 102/2009 of the Lawyers Council of Thailand issued in virtue of the Lawyers Act 1985, Mr. Ponthep Werachon , a licensed lawyer, has been commissioned by the Registry of Signatures and Documents Attestation to act as a Notarial Services Attorney within the whole territory of the Kingdom of Thailand.

  • Preparing and witnessing powers of attorney for use overseas.
  • Dealing with purchase or sale of land and property aboard.
  • Providing documents to deal with the administration of the estate of people who are aboard, or owning property aboard.
  • Arranging for the legalization of public documents with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and apostille with the Embassy of the relevant country in compliance with the Hague Convention (1961) to deal with the administration for immigration or emigration purpose, or apply to marry or work aboard or other legal process in the Court of Justice.
  • Administer oath and declaration.
  • Ensuring that the notarial act complies with the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand and the relevant country together with the Hague Convention (1961) Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents.
  • Notarizing foreign wills and affidavit.
  • Ensuring that the client will understand the effect of the notarization and documents and is willing to abide by the terms of the agreement and has capability to do so.

The notary certification will be made by the signature of Mr. Ponthep Werachon with his notary stamp. The notarized documents and records will be kept in our office for future reference and confirmation with the concerned parties. The confirmation can be made by either the electronic mail directly or the registered postal mail.